13+ Modern Kitchens in Wood Finish 2021

Wooden kitchen designs have always been the go-to option in Indian homes for his or their classic look and heat. While many colors and finishes have appropriated the market, the demand for wooden finishes hasn’t ceased. So we took this as a cue to point out to you the wonders we will work with this finish for a contemporary kitchen. Check it out and tell us which one’s your favorite!

Wooden kitchen designs #1

This lovely U-shaped kitchen works great for giant families. The wooden tones are balanced with white wall cabinets to offer it an airy ambiance.

Wooden Kitchen #2

A large L-shaped kitchen needs some warm elements to tone down the brightness. Thus, wooden finishes work great here also. A strip of track lights accentuates the effect beautifully.

Wooden Kitchen #3

Want wooden finishes to complement the kitchen space? Well, use a white backsplash to usher in some contrast. Wood on white may be a popular choice across the globe!

Wooden kitchen design #4

When using wooden finishes, resort to a mixture of open and closed cabinets. This not only visually lightens the texture but also makes it easy to access essentials.

Wooden kitchen design #5

We adore this innovative design! A straight kitchen made interesting with an extended table. Who would’ve thought that this easy trick can optimize space utilization? We did.

Wooden kitchen design #6

Wooden finishes don’t all need to be dark! Choose Acacia or American Walnut to tone down the visual effect. Adding a backsplash with Moroccan prints just makes the planning more intriguing.

#7 Wooden kitchen design

Can you see the difference a glass shutter can make? If you're keen on wooden kitchens, you'll experiment with different contrasts and shutter finishes to seek out an ideal balance.

#8 Wooden kitchen design

A pop of colour maybe? Introducing yellow simply amplifies the design quotient. All wood kitchens don’t need to be monotonous!

#9 Wooden kitchen design

Natural light can affect the way a finish looks. Although this kitchen has an equivalent finish, it appears differently supported by the way the sunshine and shadows fall on the space. consider this once you finalize a finish or simply ask an expert.

#10 Wooden kitchen design

Wood finish kitchens shouldn't be all about dark colours. consider pairing light colours with a neutral tile backsplash and you’re good to travel. Still, craving some elegance? Paint your walls navy, grey, or black for max effect and see the difference.

#11 Wooden kitchen design

One dark cappuccino with a spoon of sugar, anyone? Take a glance at this lovely combination of dark wood finish shutters and white marble finish backsplash. this is often the simplest thanks to adding class to your modular kitchens.

#12 Wooden kitchen design

When you have wooden cabinets within the kitchen, you ought to definitely experiment with the backsplash. Think Moroccan tiles during a statement colour to feature interesting detail. Wood doesn't look overwhelming and lofts are often easily added without making your kitchen heavy on the eyes.

#13 Wooden kitchen design

Breathing space is important for each design. an opportunity from the wooden cabinets with open shelves makes this kitchen appear fresh and bright also. So don’t just consider storage, but how ventilated and breezy a kitchen can feel.

Don’t you love the spin we’ve given wood finish kitchens? We have plenty of kitchen designs for you to consider. Here are some stunning New Kitchen Designs to peruse!

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