Modular Kitchen FAQs – 15 Things you need to understand

What is a Modular kitchen?

A modular kitchen refers to modern kitchen furniture that has been constructed in modules or units. These contain cabinets and other selected elements of ordinary sizes. A modular kitchen is typically a mixture of wall units and base units.

Modular kitchens are designed to maximize utility and permit for efficient space management, especially when it involves a small kitchen design. Each unit is formed from diversified materials and comes with modular kitchen accessories in order that you'll place things inside conveniently and keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

A modular kitchen is often constructed consistent with your kitchen design ideas, need storage requirements, and budget. Modular kitchens make sure that your kitchen space is correctly utilized and no space is wasted. Modular kitchen units are often completely dismantled, which suggests if you’re shifting houses you'll take your modular kitchen with you.

Modular kitchen designers choose modular units of ordinary sizes customized to fit your space. Modular kitchens are often inbuilt a line, with the hob, fridge, and sink or they will be L-shaped, which allows you to utilize the corners also. Sometimes, a galley or parallel layout is employed in modular kitchens, with two units placed on two parallel walls of your kitchen with a passage in between.

Often, when it involves making an enormous decision, the queries are many and therefore the answers few. Here are some popular modular kitchen-related FAQs, to assist you to create the proper choice.

1. What are the advantages of a modular kitchen?

  • Kitchen Hygiene – Modular kitchens contain wooden blocks and are specifically designed to stay your kitchen clutter-free and clean. they're most definitely more hygienic and, as long as the kitchen is where food is formed, are better options than traditional kitchens. Cleaning a modular kitchen also takes tons less effort.

  • Space Management – Every corner of your kitchen is correctly utilized and every modular unit is specifically designed for convenience. These units are often shifted or rearranged in order that everything, be it the hob, the sink, or your work area, is within easy reach.

  • Space utilization – you'll access every corner of your kitchen with the utilization of modular kitchen accessories like racks, baskets, holders, bins, and trays. The compact design of a modular kitchen allows for max space utilization.

  • Cost-effective – Compared to the worth of constructing a standard kitchen, where each element has got to be individually selected, fitted and workmen hired to place everything together, a modular kitchen is comparatively cheaper. Because modular kitchens manufacturers produce such kitchen modules in bulk, everything is about up efficiently and with minimum wastage. Thus, modular kitchen designers can afford to offer you better modular kitchen prices.

  • Easy repair – Each unit is often detached and far away from a modular kitchen. Therefore, just in case a selected unit needs repairs, they are often done efficiently and simply, and you won’t have workmen hammering away in your kitchen all day long either. Individual units can easily get replaced without even slightly altering the remainder of the components. and that they are durable also.

As with traditional kitchen units, you'll pick and choose the weather utilized in the development of modular units, the handles or knobs used on each unit, and therefore the finish and elegance of the units also. Therefore, a modular kitchen may be a great idea if you spend tons of your time within the kitchen.

2. Is there any warranty/guarantee provided?

Most modular kitchens exporters and makers offer a typical warranty for his or her products. this might vary counting on your manufacturer. Usually, manufacturers will offer you a replacement warranty against manufacturing defects but, like the other product, it's unlikely to hide natural wear and tear.

3. What type of material is used?

The external structure and shutters are often made from MDF, ply-laminated with veneer membrane or acrylic, or wood. External structures can are available in a spread of finishes so you get to select and choose what works best for you. the interior structure is typically constructed from MDF or plywood.

Countertops are usually made up of granite, tiles, wood, or cement. However, you would possibly want to think about the value of kitchen countertops per sq ft before you invest and wooden or granite countertops, though popular, are more on the expensive side. it's an honest idea to travel for a water-proof countertop, to attenuate the wear and tear and tear in your modular kitchen.

Water-proof countertop

When it involves handles, you'll choose between different designs and sizes; these are usually made up of chrome steel and a few even accompany chrome-plating. Modular kitchen accessories, like baskets, bins, and racks also are usually made up of chrome steel, which makes them durable and straightforward to take care of.

Modular clique handles made from chrome steel. most people still choose wooden kitchen cabinets when it involves designer kitchen cabinets. However, if you would like to try to do something different together with your clique designs, you'll also choose melamine, which comes in various vibrant shades. The material may be a cheaper option with no compromise on durability or quality. you'll also consider a glass clique, which is durable and appears beautiful, especially in corner cabinets. It’s easy to seek out kitchen cabinets online lately, especially if you recognize what you’re trying to find.

4. What is MDF and Marine PLY?

Medium-density fibreboard is man-made refined particleboard. it's created by combining small wood residuals with wax and a resin binder. the entire combination is subjected to heat and pressure to make dense and steady panels. MDF was developed within the 1960s and has been in use ever since. Since MDF boards have a consistent structure, it’s easy to form furniture from them.

Marine ply may be a sort of plywood used for specific purposes. It’s made up of durable veneers that have hardly any defects, which is why marine ply works great in humid and wet conditions. It also resists the expansion of fungus and is right for kitchens. Of course, because it comes with all of those benefits, marine ply is dear.

5. How is the kitchen designed?

Most manufacturers have standard design catalogs with modular kitchen interior design photos. you'll choose one and have it customized consistent with your preferences and therefore the amount of space available in your kitchen. A modular kitchen designs catalog is probably going to include Indian modular kitchen designs also as what’s trending around the world, to offer you a spread of options to settle on from.

Once you’ve selected your modular kitchen interiors, after consulting your manufacturer and giving them the measurements of your space, the modular kitchen is assembled and eventually installed. Each module is independently constructed keeping the aesthetics in mind and also optimize space for storing.

6. What are the accessories you can use in a modular kitchen?

Before you opt to shop for modular kitchen accessories it's an honest idea to seek out out a touch more about them. the various sorts of accessories include:

  • Base units – Usually modular kitchens accompany a minimum of 2 base units, one for your oven and one with drawers and shelf space, which you'll use as a countertop for working within the kitchen. the bottom units are designed to accommodate the hob, which is essentially your cooktop, and sometimes the sink.

  • Wall units – These are placed on the wall according to your height and convenience so that your stored utensils and jars are kept within easy reach.

  • Wall and floor tiles – Most kitchens are equipped with ceramic tiles although wooden flooring and laminates are increasingly becoming more popular.

  • Worktop – This is where you do the work, the chopping, grinding, mixing, and prepping of food. It’s a good idea to ensure that you choose a water-proof worktop.

7. Which Kitchen appliances you should choose?

  • Chimney, a kitchen sink, a hob and /or a dishwasher

  • Kitchen shelves and accessories – These can be made from various types of material such as durable glass or wire, although stainless steel is most preferred as it is durable as well as stylish.

  • Baskets – These can be of several types although the plain basket is the most commonly used variety. Other types include the cup and saucer basket, the utensils basket, the plate basket, the vegetable basket, the cup, and saucer basket and the cutlery basket. These are usually made of wire or stainless steel. Baskets give you extra storage space in the kitchen and can be fitted inside the modular kitchen cabinets.

  • Partition Basket: They come in standard sizes and can be customized as well. Baskets are very convenient for daily use as they come with drip and dry facilities; some of these come with extra compartments for added convenience and ensure all your utensils and crockery are neatly organized. Baskets come in several shapes and sizes and you can everything from small items to large utensils and jars, inside, depending on the size and design of your basket.

  • Pantry units – These are sturdy, large units, usually used in professional establishments such as hotels and restaurants. These are designed to fit inside larger cabinets. Pantry units come with compartments to make organization easier.

  • Kitchen Holders – Items like round bin holders, napkin and foil holders, wine glass holders, and spoon holders make life easier in the kitchen. These help you keep kitchen accessories within easy reach.

  • Pull-out shelves – These can be used to store various items, ranging from large containers to small bottles of syrup; everything within easy reach without making the kitchen looks messy and cluttered.

  • Tall units – These are regularly used in professional establishments but you can use them in your home if you have tall storage cupboards or free standing kitchen cabinets. Each unit comes with multiple shelves and some can be customized according to your preferences. Tall kitchen units are a great way to store a large number of items even in a small modular kitchen.

  • Modular Kitchen trolley – These are durable and larger in size to accommodate large and heavy containers of grain etc. You could choose from a variety of kitchen trolly designs and sizes, all of which can be fitted inside cabinets and/or kept outside separately.

  • Kitchen Carousels – These are usually placed in the corner to make sure every inch of your kitchen is properly utilized.

  • Kitchen Racks – The simplest way to store your utensils, these come in various shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit inside the cabinets.

7. How can one make changes to the designs or the units?

Modular kitchens are an excellent thanks to renovating your kitchen and are available during a sort of design. However, if you're tired of your existing modular kitchen it's an honest idea to vary the whole found out to lend some uniformity to your kitchen design, instead of one unit at a time, which is difficult to try to do.

Modular kitchens accompany ready-made kitchen cabinets that are easy to move. Each module during a modular kitchen is straightforward to disassemble and replace, which may be a boon if you would like to shift houses.

Different layout plans are available for modular kitchens and you'll always prefer to add a unit or change the layout of your modular kitchen. Even a little change to anyone's module can make an enormous difference to the looks of your kitchen, so confirm to match the new units to the prevailing ones.

Do keep in mind that once you’ve made alterations to your modular kitchen after it has been installed, the warranty is no longer applicable.

8. What grade of stainless steel is used in the accessories?

Premium grade chrome steel, which is of excellent quality, durable and temperature resistant, is employed to style modular kitchen accessories. These are corrosion resistant and less susceptible to dame also. SS 304 may be a good idea due to its nickel content, which makes it corrosion resistant; do consider your budget before investing during this because it is costlier.

The cost of modular kitchen accessories made up of the 200 series of chrome steel is a smaller amount but, while these are food safe, they're less corrosion resistant and of lesser quality.

Stainless steel recipe book holder

The thickness of the steel rods varies from 5 mm to 7mm, depending on the design and intended usage.

9. Can modular kitchens be fitted into a fixed platform?

Modular kitchens contain carcasses or cabinets which will be fitted inside your kitchen, which suggests modular kitchen design can easily be adapted to fit your home. Accessories in fixed sizes are often fitted inside even small kitchen units. If your kitchen already comes with supports, sinks and cabinetry, it'll be difficult to suit modular kitchen units into it. Typically, all you would like to try to do is give the modular kitchen suppliers the measurements of your kitchen and that they deliver standardized, readymade kitchen units to you.

If your kitchen is completely bare, you'll need a box type, fully modular setup, which incorporates everything from cabinets to counters, pull-outs, and shutters. If you have already got granite counters or a kadappa (black limestone) framework, do get to completely alter the kitchen interior design; a modular kitchen is often customized and fitted into this. But this suggests only your external shutters and cabinet doors are modular in design and therefore the overall look and feel of your kitchen won't be as stylish or ergonomic as a totally modular kitchen.

10. Can modular kitchens sustain water damage?

Whether your modular kitchen can sustain water damage depends totally on the materials utilized in its construction. Wooden floors, countertops and cabinet shutters are less likely to face up to water damage as compared to melamine, glass, material and marine ply.

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