How To Maximize(Organize) Closet Storage In Your Modular Wardrobe

Living in a cozy little apartment does have its perks, but managing with limited wardrobe space isn’t one among them! In most metropolitan cities, closet space comes at a premium. That’s why you've got to form the simplest use of what's available. Here are some recommendations on the way to maximize the storage in your wardrobe:

Design Your Wardrobe Based on Your Lifestyle

Are you somebody who likes to hold your clothes, or does one prefer stacking up piles of neatly folded clothes? Your usage will determine what proportion of hanging space or shelf space you would like in your wardrobe. The heights of hanging spaces should be determined by what you'll be using them for. Shirts need less hanging height than kurtas, while saris take up even less.

Organize Your Drawers Well

A couple of drawers also will help to deal with all of your rope, especially if there are compartments that will organize things the way you would like them. Lingerie, handkerchiefs, napkins, socks, then on are often tucked into drawers.

Install Pull-out Shelves

Pull out shelves work well in small spaces, as they utilize every inch of obtainable space, and are very easy to access.

Lofts are a Good Idea too!

The maximum height you'll comfortably access (without standing on your toes!) is around 7’ to 8’, which is additionally the recommended height for your wardrobes. The space between the highest of your wardrobe and therefore the ceiling is often won't to full advantage also, though. Install lofts till the ceiling height, with lift-up shutters for convenience, and you'll tuck in all of your larger suitcases, big boxes, and anything that you simply don’t get to use often in your loft space. Lofts work well for almost everyone, as there's nobody who couldn't use some extra storage space!

Floor To Ceiling Wardrobe

Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with tall sliding doors are an excellent idea, where the loft space is hidden behind the shutters.

Expert tip: confirm the finish on the within of your wardrobes may be a light colour, preferably white. Not only do lighter colours open up space and make it appear visually larger, but you'll even be ready to see your clothes better against a light-weight background.

Install a Trouser Rack

Are you somebody who must have dedicated space for formal clothes, like trousers? Trousers usually take up tons of hanger space, but not if they're organized this manner. this is often an excellent thanks to keeping the creases out also.

Add a Neat Slider to Store Your Ties and Belts

Finding it hard to store your ties? This tie and belt holder extends out from the side of your wardrobe and keeps your ties beautifully wrinkle-free. you'll not need to do any last-minute ironing in a hurry!

Get a Garment Lift Mechanism Installed

If you're finding it hard to succeed in up to the highest of your garment hanging space, a garment lift like this one is that the answer. This accessory allows you to form maximum use of the peak available in your wardrobe. you'll quite comfortably pull down the garments hanger, and put it up again through a hydraulic mechanism that uses minimal pressure. A word of caution — this accessory works best when it's used within the load capacity limits; meaning that you simply shouldn't hang more garments than the load it can handle.

Expert tip: Rule of thumb for organizing wardrobe space: the garments you employ most frequently should be at eye level, lesser-used ones should be placed lower and therefore the ones that you simply rarely use can up high.

Use Your Shutters as Well

Have you thought of using the within of your wardrobe shutters as extra storage? Here’s an ingenious idea; drill hooks to the within of your wardrobe shutters and hang scarves and stoles. you'll also get an easy steel rod attached at rock bottom and use small hooks to hold your shoes.

Do Away with Hangers

Simple S hooks which will be bought at any ironmongery shop work also as hangers, without the majority. you'll instantly double up your jeans space for storing. Note that this is often not an honest option for delicate materials that will get stretched or, even worse, torn.

Still Short on Space?

While we don’t recommend this except in dire cases, you'll always put up some pegs on the rear wall of your wardrobe. Purses, sling bags, or anything that would be hung, can go here. the rationale why we don’t really recommend this is often that it can cause you neatly ironed and hung clothes to urge creased. If that's not a drag, then do go ahead!

To maximize space in your wardrobe, you ought to confirm that your wardrobe design suits your needs. Keeping your typical usage in mind, make clever use of space-saving accessories that will utilize every inch of the available space.

While these ideas are great space savers, you ought to really take the assistance of design experts like our team from Classic Infrahomes who will do all the work for you, and custom-create your storage spaces to your exact specifications! Do found out a FREE consultation, today!

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