7 Smart Space-Saving Techniques by Top Interior Designer in Greater Noida

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

In modern times, as the crowd is increasing in urban areas the value of space increasing too at a significant rate. Subsequently, housing space is becoming harder to find and you have to follow innovative ways to maximize living space. There are certain ways in which you can improve your cramped conditions due to the small living space. Being the Top Interior and Furniture Designer in Greater Noida, here we are presenting some smart space-saving techniques for small houses.

What are some smart-saving techniques for small houses?

As working as Interior and Furniture Designer in Greater Noida over a couple of decades we have found several smart space-saving ideas suitable for every lifestyle and budget.

Enhance your cupboard size according to your walls: Space-saving is mainly about creating a compact storage space. Wire and wooden racks can be mounted on walls that can store any kind of things such as clothes, utensils, books, etc.

Storage space under stairs: This is perhaps the most followed space-saving idea. That void space underneath your staircase does not require much effort but can be converted into the most useful storage space due to its advantages like easy to reach and availability of ample space.

More and bigger windows: A house with more windows appears bigger than a house of the same size having lesser windows. They allow more natural light and ventilation which reduces claustrophobic feeling. It creates the illusion of more space through openness with the same space.

Use white or light shade: White or other bright shades make everything appear bigger and brighter. Though coloring things white is not the direct way of saving space it definitely makes the small space feel more spacious and with ample natural light, it will become much more soothing.

Shelves above washer and dryer machines: Mount some shelves on the wall above your washer. This is a simple and low-cost idea not only enhances the space in your laundry but also make it more user-friendly.

Floor to ceiling bookshelf: Floor to ceiling storage can be used for more than just books. You can also build a bookcase around door frames, and it adds style to your home while solving your storage issue at the same time.

Fold-Down or Retractable Table: The multi-purpose tables that can be simply latched to the wall and can be folded down and back up in quick time a genius idea for smaller spaces. Get the maximum utilization of your space while being aesthetically beautiful at the same time through Top Interior and Furniture Designer in Greater Noida

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