5+ Colour Combinations for a Stunning Living Room

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The only room that sees more traffic than the kitchen is the living room – open to all at home and guests alike, it sets the tone for the home and is that one room that can make all the difference when you welcome people home. So, it goes without saying that the living area should be airy, comfortable, and designed like a dream! To give you some awesome living room design inspo, we’ve compiled a list of trending color combinations for living rooms in 2020! From bold to dainty, we have something for everyone! 

#1: Pantone Colour of the Year – Classic Blue

The gold and soft blue wallpaper looks ethereal!

Like every year, Pantone came out with its color of 2020 – a classic blue, a shade reminiscent of dusk. So, we designed this living room in a gorgeous shade of blue. The customized L-shaped sofa in a classic blue shade against the soothing and elegant blue printed wallpaper is one trend you can try confidently. We love how the yellow cushions add a quirky pop of color to this otherwise elegant and contemporary room.

#2: Jewel Tones – Green and Gold

If royalty had a look!

Jewel tones have made a comeback as a popular choice in decor. These dazzling colors can transform even the simplest of living rooms into a masterpiece! This vivid green living room with gold accent pieces redefines elegance and royalty. In contrast to the emerald green walls and shiny gold embellishments, the muted colors of the sofa, chaise, carpet, and table help in maintaining a refined yet bewitching look. If you’re looking for more inspiration, read Dazzle & Decorate with Jewel Tones.

#3: Pretty in Pastels

The center table in wood is perfect for your knick-knacks and curios

Isn’t this room, with its soothing palette of colors, like a breath of fresh air? When it comes to an eye-catching yet pleasing color combination for the living room, pastels are a favorite amongst homeowners! This is because these soft colors marry sophisticated elegance with bold vivacity, beautifying a space. If you are looking for some pastel interior design ideas, this living room should be at the top of your list! The soft pink Chesterfield sofa is the epitome of comfort and beauty. The combination of the blue-green walls and light grey paneling serves as the perfect backdrop for this striking sofa. 

PRO TIP: To make your living room look bright, use upholstery in soft, pastel colors as this allows light to bounce off.

#4: Bold & Beautiful in Red

Color me red!

Is there any color as enchanting and evergreen as red? Often, homeowners prefer safe and neutral color options for their living room. But this room is a gorgeous blend of both! From the plush red sofas to the striking Krsnaa Mehta wallpaper in muted shades, this living area is as pretty as a picture! Don’t miss the matching red drapes that complement the sofa and wallpaper.

#5: Earthy Neutrals

Dignified and sophisticated

Neutral shades will always remain a reliable color combination for living room décor. There is nothing quite as elegant as a contemporary living room done up in earthy neutrals. If sophistication is the look you want to go for, this is the living room for you! The pleasant cream sofas along with the wooden flooring and furniture give off a warm and relaxed aura. Potted plants, breezy curtains, and tons of natural light – this living room is a sight for sore eyes!

#6: Scandinavian With Pops of Colour

French windows allow heaps of natural light to flow in

You can never go wrong with Scandinavian décor! Functional, simple, and modern, this Scandinavian living room is a lesson on how to make a massive area look cozy. But what we love the most about this living area are the bright armchairs that add a pop of yellow in this minimalist room. Also, notice the gold curtains for that dash of opulence!

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