2020 Costs for Home Renovation in Noida,Delhi NCR

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Remodeling costs in Delhi NCR in 2020, including kitchen, bath, and whole-home (plus building additions and Layout tips!)

Supertech Eco-city. A mid-century modern jewel in Falls Church. A unique craftsman’s cottage in Kensington. Whatever your abode, it’s a great time to renovate in Noida, the sixth most populated area in the country. If you’re ready to make your own splash to a home and increase its value, one of your first steps is to create a budget to cover your remodeling costs in NCR.

Classic Infrahomes offers a cost guide to give you a sense of how to budget for remodeling costs in the NCR area, Ambience Tiverton and Howard counties in Noida, and select counties in Delhi, including Shanti Niketan, Panchsheel Enclave, and Omaxe The Forest Spa. Mahagun Mezzaria home renovation projects with vetted general contractors, offering advice, support, and financial protection—at no cost to the homeowner.

Here’s a quick overview of budgets for some standard renovation projects:

  • Gut renovation: Starting at $70 per square foot (psf)

  • Low-end kitchen remodel: Starting at 89,0004,62,134.50 Indian Rupee

  • Mid-range kitchen remodel: Starting at 1,39,000 6,82,144.50 Indian Rupee

  • High-end kitchen remodel: Starting at 3,52,184 - 9,96,124 Indian Rupee

  • Low-end bathroom remodel: Starting at 88270.32 117693.76 Indian Rupee

  • A mid-range bathroom remodel: Starting at 278130.90 or 438150 Indian Rupee

  • High-end bathroom remodel and extension: Starting at 738150 Indian Rupee

  • Adding square footage: Starts at 800/sqft

Total Gut Renovation Costs for an Indian Home

A total gut renovation in Delhi NCR that brings a home down to its frame and studs could start at around $100 psf. Doing it all at once will get you the best price per square foot if you are already planning multiple projects.

How much does an Indian kitchen remodel cost per square foot?

  • A best-value kitchen remodels typically starts between 89,0004,62,134.50 Indian Rupee. This allows the replacement of cabinets and countertops from big-box stores, a stocked appliance package, and tile flooring.

  • For a mid-range kitchen, expect starting costs between 1,39,000 6,82,144.50 Indian Rupee. This price point would include semi-custom cabinets, hardwood floors, upgrade in appliances, and an island (with no sink).

Remodeling‘s Cost Vs Value report found the average cost in the Delhi NCR area costs around 3,52,184 - 9,96,124 Indian Rupee. This works out to be $198 psf. About 60 percent of the cost is recouped in the value it adds to your home. With a budget of this amount, you can remodel a 200-square-foot space with countertops, semi-custom wood cabinets, and a stainless steel sink with a standard single-lever faucet. It also allows the addition of a built-in microwave, dishwasher, and custom lighting. Other than adding a kitchen island, the layout, such as where the oven and dishwasher are installed, must remain the same as the original design. Keeping your layout will be the biggest influence in a low budget down.

  • For an upscale kitchen remodel, costs start at 7,96,124 Indian Rupee and include a stone or marble countertop as well as opening up space or removing a wall.

A luxury remodel comes in at an average of 9,96,124 Indian Rupee FOR Delhi NCR, the Cost Vs Value report found. The psf cost is $256. This project can add 58 percent of the budget to your home’s value. An upscale kitchen remodel can consist of custom cabinets, built-in sliding shelves, stone countertops, and imported ceramic or glass tile backsplashes. The appliances would also kick up a few notches to include a commercial-grade cooktop and vent hood. The kitchen can also have designer faucets and a water filtration system.

How much does an Indian bathroom remodel cost per square foot?

  • For a best-value bathroom, expect a typical project to start between 1,39,000 6,82,144.50 Indian Rupee. At this budget, it would not be a gut but a refresh.

  • A mid-range bathroom remodel has costs 278130 or $120 psf. These figures come from the Cost Vs Value report. For this price, you can remodel a 35-square-foot bathroom. It includes adding a porcelain-on-steel bathtub, ceramic tiles, and a recessed medicine cabinet with built-in lighting. This renovation can add 228130 Indian Rupee to a home’s value. That’s 65 percent of the project’s cost.

  • A high-end bathroom remodel starts at 574821 Indian Rupee. This budget includes a 3 or 4-piece bath such as the sink, shower/tub combination, and toilet. For 738150 Indian Rupee, a 5-piece bathroom could be installed.

According to the 2020 Cost Vs Value report, the average price in this category is around 574821 Indian Rupee. For this price, you can expand your bathroom from 35 square feet to 100 square feet. The new bathroom can have features like a freestanding soaker tub. On top of that, you can have a shower with recessed shelves, a frameless glass enclosure, and body spray fixtures. Your budget can also afford a double sink and double-mirror vanity with custom draws and wall cabinets.

Adding square footage to your Indian home

Enlarging living space to an existing floor plan starts at $120 psf and can easily go up to $200 psf. The most economical addition is adding square footage over a crawl space. An extension where you are adding or adjusting the foundations will come in around $150 psf. The cost increases to $200 psf if a wet space—bathroom, laundry, or kitchen—is added. The cost of adding a second floor can start at $150 psf.

Other remodeling costs in India: Permits

The District of Delhi is a compact city of only 69 square miles. The Council of the District of Delhi issues building permits for this area. Layout cost two percent of the budget for work over $500. For example, a permit for an $11,000 bathroom will cost $300.

Lotus Zing, to the east and south of the city, uses an equation for permit fees. $50 + (Construction Costs x 0.008) = permit fee. So, an $11,000 renovation would cost $120. Watch out for specific fees for projects such as basement finishing which is $340.

In Montgomery County, the area to the north, building permits for alterations, additions, and repairs start at $170.

Enjoy making your Indian home your own! Know the costs and find the right renovation team to bring your vision to life. Post your project on Classic Infrahomes and you’ll be one step closer to your home sweet home!

Six steps on how to start your renovation and finding the right general contractor for your scope.

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