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Top 100 Modular Kitchen Contractors in Pune - Best Modular Kitchen Designs 

We are the Manufactures of Modular Kitchen in Pune, Mumbai , Wardrobes, LCD Panels and Plywood & Mild Stainless Steel Kitchens in Pune Mumbai Mharastra. Browse our products to find our best choices of design.

Building your dream modular kitchen

Classic Infrahomes India is synonymous to the most top quality modular kitchen designs, for over a decade. With world-class materials and equipment, we are dedicated to turn your concepts into a real design.

Meeting the highest quality standards, our modular kitchens are designed to provide you maximum functionality. A kitchen fitted with all the modern equipments, is no longer a distant dream.

With our dedicated team of designers and commitment to quality, you can see your ideas taking shape in front of your eyes. Don't settle for the ordinary. With Classic Infrahomes , make your dream come true!

Modular Kitchen in Pune

Modular Kitchen Pune at Classic Infrahomes Kitchen & Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is a leading modular kitchen designer, dealer and manufacturers, modular kitchen interior designer in Pune"Mumbai" extension provider services in Mumbai, Mharastra, Greater Noida and entire places in Delhi. We have 25+ years of experience of modular kitchen, wardrobes designing, plywood kitchen, mild steel manufacturing. We have Professional team will give your kitchen's a modern and attractive look.

Why choose us?

Classic Infrahomes Interior Decorator provide different Modular Kitchen Designs based on your requirements and budgets. Whether the house owners want to have the modest Modular Kitchen or a luxurious Kitchen, we have all those designs to meet your needs. We have different shapes of Modular Kitchen Designs such as,

  • L Shape Modular Kitchens

  • G Shape Modular Kitchens

  • U Shape Modular Kitchens

  • Island Modular Kitchens Pune

  • Parallel Kitchen manufacturers in Pune

  • In Line Kitchen manufacturers in Pune

Affordable and Best Quality Modular Kitchens Service

In these present times, every homeowner like to have a modular kitchen Pune in his or her house. The modular kitchen design has fats gained huge popularity. It now serves as a trademark for majority of the modern homes and households irrespective of what their income is. The flexibility and simplicity afforded through modular kitchens and their designs along with the ample options of storage that come with these units are reasons behind their popularity.