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Kitchen Renovation


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Kitchen Renovation

You can have your Modular kitchen back to new when you renovate or remodel your old kitchen. You may want to renovate the kitchen when you want to sell the house or to just have a modern feel to the room. A Modular kitchen that has been particularly through a lot of wear and tear can now have less leakage after remodeling.

The renovation further involves the replacement of the old Kitchen, broken and dirty tiles, and Laminate that are hard to clean. You may want to transform your kitchen from a crowded and inconvenient room to a more spacious open kitchen. If the original design further limits the flow of natural light, you can open up the area with more windows and enhance the lighting system.

In addition, you can change the kitchen layout and counter configuration & old laminate. This means that you can achieve so much more with a remodel. You can even add custom-designed stools or seats in the kitchen, create more space for a large fridge or cooker and further make the kitchen more personalized.

If you do not like the old colour of your kitchen, this is the time to change this. You can transform the grease-damaged walls into classy and bright walls. A creative idea will make the kitchen modern and similar to high-end homes. You actually do not have to worry about the changes since this is what you agree on with a contractor.

You can further decide to tear down the walls and put floor-to-ceiling windows or glass. The kitchen ventilation is another section to remodel in order to get rid of the smoke and heat in order to leave the kitchen fresh all the time. Furthermore, you can change the hangings for the utensils and tools. You don't have to stop there; you can add more ornamental features to the design.

Modular kitchen Remodeling

Today most people consider remodeling their Kitchen rather than going through the complexities of buying a new Kitchen. With the cost of homes on the rise, people consider renovating their existing Kitchen & House and feeling more comfortable in their familiar zone rather than moving to a new place among new people.

Primarily, renovation of a Kitchen is more economical, and that is why people hand over the process of renovation to agencies and companies that deal with the remodeling of Kitchens.
In most cases, the kitchen is one of the areas that are given first priority, and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, it is the place where a lot of activity goes on, and a lot of things get done. Secondly, with a large number of companies innovating on existing kitchen appliances, a huge array of the latest models of gadgets and appliances are available in the Indian market. Because of this, most homeowners want their kitchen renovation in India to make it more modern and add to its utility value by engaging companies.

Renovation Experts are a reputed Modular kitchen renovation company that will assist you in making your kitchen more modern and refined.

  • Complete Kitchen remodeling(Renovation)

  • Flooring improvements, which include Wall tiles, Floor tiles & Marble removal, and installation.

  • Remodeling, as well as installation, of new Kitchen countertops made of granite or marble, depending on your request.

  • Allocations and relocations of plumbing work and electrical connections, including installations.

  • Factory-made Modular Kitchens.

Our impeccable customer service offers you suggestions on how to go about with discussions regarding your kitchen remodeling, so why delay in seeing a new kitchen? Contact us now! 

2. Type of Flooring –Tiles

Indian Modern Home owners prefer popular India tiles brands. The leading brand that offers quality, design and style.

Leading Indian Brands – Johnson Tiles, Somani Ceramics, Bell Ceramics are among few preferred good quality tiles.

Non-branded Tiles – Tiles that come from Morbi, Gujarat are famous but are not really branded tiles. Morbi tiles mainly refers to its place of manufacture.

Cost of Vitrified Tiles in Metro Cities

The Cost of tile or that matter any flooring material varies with Size and Design. Vitrified Tiles are available in standard sizes i.e. 2’ by 2’. The cost for Branded one’s like Nitco Tiles, Somani Ceramics or Johnson Tiles will start form Rs. 60 per sq.ft, which can cost as high as Rs. 300 per sq.ft with variation in design, style and polish.

The cost of tiles may vary with location and brands.

Tip – If you require tiles for 4,000 sq ft shop flooring, get in touch with manufacturer directly or tiles companies. They can work out a better deal if you share the shop plan, design and other papers with them.

Flooring Contractors in Noida Sector 137

3. Type of Flooring – Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an artificial flooring type, also known as floating wood tile. Laminate flooring is used as a substitute to Hardwood or natural wooden flooring Contractor in Noida. Today laminate flooring is available in wide range wood design, colours, design and size.

Features of Laminate Flooring

  • Extremely Durable

  • Hygienic

  • Impact-resistance

  • Castor proof

  • Stain- Resistant, to even cigarette burns Flooring.