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Modular Kitchen Contractor in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

Classic Infrahomes modular kitchen in Ireo Grand Arch was finished in a laminate high gloss frosty white, and in the same home, the modular wardrobes were finished in pearl frost laminate. Another project in Grand arch had a couple of modular wardrobes-both finished in hard rock maple. ClassicInfarhomes.com has also completed another home in Grand Arch, which included all modular wardrobes in high gloss frosty white laminate. One of the beautiful kitchens that have been completed in Grand Arch was finished in a Brazilian walnut laminate.

With the extensive development of Palam Vihar in Gurgaon, Classic Infrahomes is providing factory-finished customized modular kitchens and modular wardrobes to all projects including Ireo, M3M Heights, Ireo Grand Arch, Emaar MGF, and Bestech Park View. Since ClassicInfrahomesinterior.com is headquartered in Gurgaon, kitchen designers are able to work hands-on to provide the best quality modular kitchens and modular wardrobes to all homes on Palam Vihar. The modular kitchens will be available in all different sizes and shapes to suit each project’s specifications and customer preferences.

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Classic Infrahomes Modular Kitchen & Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is a well-established name in the field of modular kitchen industry as we are Delhi’s leading modular kitchen manufacturer, interior designers, and dealers. We have been serving in this industry of modular kitchen in Delhi for more than 20 years now. We very well understand that everyone has their own identity, likes, and dislikes and so we offer our customers a wide range of choices in kitchen designs, wardrobe, cabinets, and colors that suit your kitchen.

Modular kitchens are innovative and artistic styles that have completely revolutionized the kitchen décor not only in India but across the world. Modular kitchens not only make the cooking area look beautiful but also make it more organized. At Classic Infrahomes Kitchen, we not only help our customers’ décor their kitchen, but we also build relations with our customers with our world-class services and superior quality modular kitchen technologies. Our only motive is to provide services and products with the utmost precision that are manufactured with the superior quality of raw material.

False Ceiling Contractors in Palam Vihar, Delhi

As the name suggests, a false ceiling is a 'ceiling' hung or fixed for decorative purposes to an existing ceiling. In addition to being a piece of décor, this structure helps to air-condition the room effectively as well as works as a layer of insulation if the place faces direct sunlight. As an additional layer, it works as insulation for places that face direct sunlight. Plywood, gypsum, plaster of Paris, and PVC sheets are the commonly used materials for this purpose. As much as the interior wall, the ceilings of your premises deserve some pampering too. The contractor may calculate the cost of the installation on the basis of per square feet. As the complexity of the ceiling design increases, the price also increases. Scroll up the page to choose from a lineup of False Ceiling Contractors in Palam Vihar, Delhi.

Architects For Residential in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

Catering exclusively to residential properties like residential complexes, bungalows, town-houses and other types, the job of residential architects is designing homes. They have to work closely with their clients in order to realize what are the requirements of the latter and accordingly draft appropriate architectural designs. Architects in Palam Vihar, Delhi have their own offices and can be contacted at their phone numbers. A residential architect has to give a high degree of importance to the client's way of life during the entire designing phase so that the house turns out to be most suitable for that person. Architects have to spend a lot of time on computers as they have to constantly research and create unique designs. The cost of hiring architects may vary from one architect to another but are generally fair. Whether the drawing-room or the study room, architects can add a different dimension to any room. Scroll up this page to find a long list of Architects For Residential properties.

Which are the top Architects For Residential in Palam Vihar?

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