Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. -Confucius

Naveen is one of those people who strongly believe in seeing beauty in the things around us. This is probably what motivated her to choose interior designing as her walk of life. With an eye for colors and patterns, Naveen has a way of transforming homes into a beautiful living space that doesn’t just seek elegance but warmth and comfort.
Her calling was largely based on her need to make her home look attractive. She started a few years ago with interior designing and her meticulousness in work quickly made her clients fall in love with her work. As more people started appreciating her efforts, she fully plunged into the world of interior designing and now she has designed over 100 homes in her career of 18 years.
Everything from the colors she picks to the patterns she uses and the furniture she suggests exhibits her understanding of Zen at home. Rinky takes the time to understand the requirements of her clients and always indulges in conversations regarding her work with her clients so that she can design homes to meet the needs of her clients.


Naveel says that every time he starts a new project she feels that he is weaving his client’s dreams and turning them into reality. He knows that he has to be careful with it because her clients want to see their dreams fulfilled to the minutest detail. His attention to detail proves that she goes to great lengths to ensure that she has a complete understanding of what her clients want before she embarks on the project.
Interior designing has been her greatest passion and she enjoys every minute of time that she spends at her work. Naveel finds inspiration in the world around his and he is known to try and find beauty in the quirkiest of things!


 shahdara, Near Logix Blossom County, Sector 137, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305, India

Contact No:  9599868193,8076868870


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